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Car Graphics

At The Image Works we offer a wide range of services to the Car owner or enthusiast. Everything from a single pinstripe to a full race replica like the Porsche 911 below. We can reproduce original manufacturers logos for old or new cars, so if the original is either no longer available or just ridiculously expensive, no problem!

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We did the graphics on this stunning Porsche 911 Turbo Le-mans replica for a local garage owner.  The paintwork was also done in Nottingham by Supreme Paintwork (Who also modified the bodywork to look more like the race car) Supreme specialise in all types of paintwork for cars and motorcycles. They can be contacted on 0115 952 1023

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Full vehicle wrapping

The Suzuki jeep pictured below is a white vehicle, totally covered in vinyl, not cheap, but a lot cheaper than a full re-spray

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