Pattern Graphics

These represent a very small fraction of what is available. The photos below are merely intended to show the accuracy of our decals. 

If you can't see the design you would like, please contact us.

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Genuine versus our decals. Can you tell which is which?


A common problem with Aprilia original decals, particularly on the 2001 RSV Mille is "crazing" of the matt finish.  Which can completely ruin the looks of an otherwise immaculate bike.   If your bike is suffering from tired looking OEM decals give us a call and we can return you bike to it's former glory !


Front with Original decals


Front with Image Works decals

Tail with Original decals

Tail with Image Works decals

Side fairing with Original decals

Side fairing with Image Works decals


Full Colin Edwards Limited Edition, restored to it's former glory


RSV Haga Limited Edition


RSV Mille 2002 Standard Silver





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If you have a motorcycle that was painted using our graphics please contact us as we would like to include it on our website, in order to help future customers.

If you would like to contact us with any enquiries please click here

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